Why Pray for Global Missions?

Why Pray for Global Missions?

Let’s be honest, praying is not an easy task leave alone making prayers for missions and Outreaches. Some Christians believe that prayers which God hears and answers have to be wordy, long, mixed with another language, and oh! Not forgetting, you have to be relatively loud. Who would want to pray if that is the standard?

Prayer is the highest form of worship we can offer to God. Jesus’ simplicity in the prayer he taught the disciples in Luke 11:1-4 is the example you ought to emulate. Making prayers for Mission work is no different. Be it simple prayers or short prayers, God hears them all and looks at the heart and not the number of words or the tone of voice.

–In John 17, Jesus also prayed for you to believe in him when you hear the gospel preached and to become one with him after you believe.

–“Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” this was Paul’s request to the Ephesians in Chapter 6:19. The missioners need your prayers desperately.

–Prayer allows you to get involved in mission work as much as you may not go to the nations.

–You will be honoring God because he has called us to pray for missions throughout the New Testament.

The Kind of Prayers to Make

Offering prayers for Missions and outreaches doesn’t have to be complicated. Your prayers are the fuel that drives missions. Without it, mission work would not continue. Here are some prayers to guide you as you pray for mission work today.

Prayers for Strength

Missioners have to leave their homes and stay amongst people they would normally not interact with. It means leaving their houses, tap water, clothes, cars, families, jobs, etc.

They need strength to continue on and embrace the new lifestyle and people they have to care for and love even when they are hostile to them.

Prayers for Hope 

In the 19thC, Rev.William C. Burns stayed in China for 7years before he saw his first convert. You need to pray for perseverance and hope for the missioners as sometimes the labor may be hard and long without immediate tangible results.

Prayers for Healing

Missioners go to live in places they did not grow up in, which exposes them to conditions that increase their susceptibility to regional diseases. Some also have emotional wounds brought about by the interpersonal and community-related conflicts they encounter in the field.

Prayers for Family

David Livingstone lost his wife and last born daughter when he traveled to Africa with them. Missional families encounter challenges like separation, frequent relocation, invasion of their homes by both community and hostiles, among others. The families need prayer to press on, to have the willingness to deny self and embrace the life that God has called them.

The work of missions has helped millions of people receive the love of Christ, take part in this great commission by praying daily, weekly, or monthly for the people, churches, and organizations selflessly doing this work.

Will you Join Us?

As MeMA, we are involved in mission work and need your prayers; we also take part in praying for global Missions. Get in touch with us to continually receive our prayer requests and needs.


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