According to WHO statistics, globally, over 200 million women have gone through the FGM, a gross human rights abuse. The East Pokot community is among the most affected communities in Kenya.

Natalia, (not her real name) an attendee of an anti-FGM campaign we organized in 2019 for school-going girls, had an interesting story to tell. She was 9 years old when her father decided to circumcise and marry her off.  “I was to become the third wife to a 60-year-old man. I heard of a story of a girl who died in our village in the previous circumcision season due to excessive bleeding. She was never buried, her body was thrown in the nearby forest and left to hyenas. This scared me to an extent of having nightmares for a long time.” She ran away and sought for help in a rescue centre… “I found it was a school and the guards welcomed me. Ever since this has been my home, I can’t go back home since if I dare, I will face the knife I was escaping.”


The question is “what will ever end this inhuman act?” and that’s where we come in as Medical Missions Africa. We seek to contribute to the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as improving the welfare of women/girls affected by the FGM practices.