Natan primary school Silale has been in existence since 2007 and so far has pupils up to class four. One reason that the school has not progressed is due to the nomadic life of the community. The school currently has 76 pupils in class one to four and 136 in ECD.


The headteacher in his own initiative has started a program of feeding the 76 by slashing a bit of food from what is offered by the school feeding program and from well-wishers, he also offers accommodation in one of the classes to retain these students. In a research we did in 2011 in East Pokot Silale ward, one of the schools visited was this school and the recommendations we gave about education in Silale was boarding schools as a solution to the poor turnover and high illiteracy levels in the area. With this in view, we find this school has taken a step of faith and is headed in the direction however need support from well-wishers to enable sustain it and also complement the head teachers’ efforts.

We are looking for short term and long-term solutions to aid feeding of these children so as to enable them get a decent meal and continue with their education without moving around with their parents in search of pasture and thus the children miss out. The school also requires a dormitory for the students.

One of the sustainable ways is bee-keeping. Once the honey is ready, we can hold a sale to raise funds for the school. A liter of honey fetches around 700-1000ksh in Baringo.


Target Amount: $ 4,06.8137