Tana River Vocational Training For Women

Tana River Vocational Training For Women
The Need

Studies have shown that despite the fact that women empowerment is directly proportional to their participation in community development and the general performance of community development projects, little is still being done to empower these women in the society. In counties where women are empowered, they have been said to be very instrumental in implementing a number of development projects. Therefore, giving knowledge and skills to them will go a long way in developing the economy. Having interacted with the community members for a while, Medical Missions Africa saw a great potential to improve the well-being of their families and contribute to the home responsibilities their husbands have and also contribute to the eradication of poverty if given skills on tailoring. This tailoring project will target women in Madogo ward both single and married, who are economically vulnerable and are under high levels of poverty. It will help them gain tailoring skill which make them become self-employed, possess employable skills, reduce idleness and enable them support their husbands in family responsibilities hence leading to economic development and poverty eradication.

This project will train and provide skilled and globally competitive employable women human resource in Madogo. Through engagements with the communities in Tana River, we were able to identify a need in these communities to be empowered economically through equipping with technical skills. The community has a high population of women lying idle without jobs and skills. Due to this, many Women are vulnerable to early marriages due to high levels of poverty, high dependency ratios on their husbands for provision. Women of Madogo majorly rely on their husbands for livelihood. This project will empower them and enable them to also contribute to the family and society livelihood.

A Call for Support

We therefore, appeal for your support to help these vulnerable women become economically empowered as well as get skills which can help them put food on the table for their families. Your kind grants and donations will be greatly appreciated.

Your kind grants and donations will be greatly appreciated.

The total approximate budget is: KES 1 M 

you can send your support through

Paybill:  819241  Account Number  madogo Taining