The Selfless MeMA’s Staffs.

The Selfless MeMA’s  Staffs.


For over 5 years our Nurse Lucy has been reaching out to the Pokot community as well as acting as the link to the community and the ministry. She has organized several medical camps in the region. Despite, the hardship in the area her passion for the people kept her going and serving the community.

One day she received a call concerning a child who needed her immediate attention, she had to ride on a motorbike for more than 20km to attend to this child this is just but one of the many Emergence cases she has to attend to. Lucy is just but one among the other 8 in a different field with also touching stories. Welcome to walk with us with those like Lucy.

Why do this?

Over years, our love for other people in marginalized areas has grown drastically, this was as result of visiting the communities in those areas. Seeing the people, you would tell for sure there is a lot that needs to be done to ensure quality health services are accessible in area as well as education on different way they can earn income to support themselves. As MeMA, after several deliberation we concluded that the best way to achieve this is to is to send staff with heart and concern for these people on the ground. Therefore, we are happy to let you know that we recruited 7 more staffs who are engaging the communities in different fields, so, we give them stipend to sustain them in the field as they continue to show love to the community by training and training them. We therefore invite you to partner with us in supporting these staffs so as to continue executing their duties in the field

 The Budget to meet the stipends and other cost for the 8 staff is 300,000 Kenyan shillings