I think we all do agree that after 58 year of independence in Kenya, health provision should not be a subject to be still talking about. I mean we do not expect any citizen to be trekking for more than 6km to get health services or visit a health center or even a dispensary, but you will be shocked as I was to know that there are places where even a dispensary is hard to find. I was shocked to find out Chepkemoi born in East Pokot has to walk for more than 20 km to the nearest dispensary to get health service while Wanjiku in Nairobi has challenge of choosing which hospital to go to because they are plenty. As Medical Missions Africa we aim at providing quality health to people like Chepkemoi in the marginalized areas such as East Pokot, thus Reduce mortality rate and prevent disease prevalence in such area. Compelled by love for these people we want to construct a health center in Chemolingot for us to achieve our goal of providing quality health care in East Pokot.

Over 10 years, Medical Missions Africa (MeMA)has been holding medical camps aimed to provide medical services to the underprivileged and marginalized people of Tiaty sub county. Several  people Have been reached since then. MeMA has conducted medical camps in different stations including, Ribkwo, Toporerwo, Topulen, Chemolingot, Chesitet, Ayama, Silale, Naipekore and Tangulbei areas in Tiaty Subcounty

The medical services provided included medical laboratory, dental care, eye, general clinic, pharmacy and spiritual department. Medical laboratory services included tests for malaria, typhoid, random blood sugar, Hb and HCT among other tests on doctor’s request. We also had an eye clinic which involved treatment of infections, eye sight tests and correction by provision of reading glasses. During the medical camps, noticeable and treated common diseases were malaria, cholera, diarrhea, malnutrition, eye infection, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, upper respiratory infection (URTI) and pneumonia. For sure all this healthy issue cannot be dealt with in a week’s medical camp, all that the people of East Pokot needs is a Medical Facility which is affordable and near.

Since, the community in East Pokot, Baringo County is one of the most marginalized communities in terms of physical needs. The healthcare centers are not enough to cater for the sparsely populated community. The ratio of health workers to the population is very high. Since 2014 we have been involved in East Pokot as MeMA, since we went and saw a great need. In the same year Lucy Wachira, a nurse by profession, committed to serving in East Pokot where she has been involved in community development projects and organized numerous medical camps. Due to our involvement, the community gave us land in Tapererwo to build a health center. The pastoralist community is neglected in terms of healthcare thus some will shun going to hospital due to the attached cost. Therefore, for the years we have been there we have noticed the solution that will last in the area is to construct health center or medical facility that well offer the community the health services that they need. we need  the material for construction and we will mobilize the community to provide the labour needed.

Therefore we appeal to you to support or partner with us in accomplishing this noble task.

approximate Budget is: 24.62 M 

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