Kwa Mutula Clinic- Makueni County

Kwa Mutula Clinic- Makueni County

The dynamics of health care demand and supply in developing countries in recent years have led to a growing need for private health care facilities. As a result of various demographic and epidemiological changes, the public sector has been overwhelmed by the demand for health care services, particularly services delivered by hospitals. This has forced changes in government policies that in turn have led to significant increases in private sector participation in health care provision.

Low- and middle-income countries represent 84 percent of the world’s population and 93 percent of the disease burden, but only 18 percent of global health spending. Despite significant improvements in general health indicators, vastly advanced medical technologies, and increasing expenditures on health, serious challenges remain in the quest for universal and high-quality health care. Improvement in health indicators appears to have slowed in the 1990s, and at the present pace most regions did not meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

Medical Missions Africa strives to walk along with the government in the Big four agendas for Kenya, as a presidential decree on what the government plans to achieve for the next five years arising from the development needs of the Kenyan people. Affordable health care for all is one of the agendas. Makueni region has a very big gap in the health sector, faced with shortages of health workers and health facilities.

MEMA has in the previous years conducted successful medical campaigns in various parts of the country and has established operational bases in majorly three areas which are; Toporerwo in Tiaty Sub County, Baringo County, Madogo in Tana River County and the latest addition being Kwa Mutula in Makueni County.

The selected areas have proved to have a high population yet with a vast health gap. Therefore, we invite you to walk this Journey with us in providing Quality health care. MEMA in partnership with different stakeholders has set platforms that equip and empower the residents in undertaking activities that better their livelihoods.

We aim to Establish and equip the Kwa Mutula health facility in Makueni County to make it a standardized medical operation zone for both testing and treatment of various health conditions.

we humbly invite you to helping in touching and changing life by  giving towards this project.

Approximated Budget is : KES.3 M

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