Short description of the proposed intervention.

The Pastoral and Discipleship Training  centre is a building complex to be built on a piece of land at Toporerwo village, Tiaty sub-county. It will house Missions Guest House and Pastoral, leadership and Discipleship centre. The training  centre will be used for the training of local pastors and church leaders for effective running of the planted churches, reaching out their kinsmen and discipling of the local Pokot congregants in East Pokot and as well as the operational base for MeMA missionaries to the community.

Why Training Centre.

For close to 10 years, we have been working with various unreached people’s group in Africa. In our interactions with these people, we realized a high need for gospel outreaches. We noted that giving them health care for free is not necessarily enough because they need Jesus more than the medical attention. And also, after the gospel conversations with them during the medical camps, they need people to disciple and mentor them closely. In our various medical camps over 10 000 people received Christ. However, due to lack of discipleship and closer walk with them, most of them have fallen-off from the faith. Very few churches exist in the region to carry out any effective evangelism to this big population. Out of the 11 churches MeMA helped in planting, only seven are operational though with few congregants, the rest closed down. Several reasons are behind this draw back which include: Lack of trained local pastors to disciple these church plants, high levels of illiteracy- inhibiting missionary work due to language barrier, hardships in the region hampering cross-cultural missions, among others.

For example, in East Pokot, Tiaty sub-county, especially in Silale, there is no single church in a location of over 15,000 people and the residents do not know the difference between a day of worship and any other. There is no local fellowship that takes place in the vast, dry region where life seems to be in its natural state. A story goes that even some residents do not know inside of a church. In this vast District, elders organize traditional prayers and sacrifices during festivals and when the area is faced with natural calamities like drought and raids. Children are brought up without morals and end being cattle rustlers. They have not been taught about sanctity of life. They are superstitious and believe in sorcery and sometimes call on various forms of luck charms to ward off the ill will of any sorcerer. Most people still believe in traditional prophets and diviners for help. Their advice is sought through animal sacrifices. There are no church leaders or missionaries to pray for them. If these people have to attend a church service, they have to walk for more than 30kms away to find a church. This shows a great need for the gospel outreach in such regions. Since one of the biggest challenges is language, this center will also be used for adult education.

Welcome call to all.

Having shared the problem above we invite you to partner with us in constructing this training centre which will benefit the community as whole and bring transformation.  You could also consider  giving construction materials like iron sheet,  bags of cement,and nails rather than giving money. Your support is highly appreciated.

Our approximate budget : 2.6 M

You can send your support through:


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Or: Absa Account Queens Way Branch

A/C Name: Medical Missions Africa

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