Despite proliferation of churches in Kenyan towns, there are no churches in some parts of Tiaty especially in Silale. There is no single church in a location of over 15,000 people and the residents do not know the difference between a day of worship and any other. There is no local fellowship that takes place in the vast, dry region where life seems to be in its natural state. This project will involve building a training centre which will facilitate training and Equipping of the local churches’ pastors and leaders with basic theological skills, leadership skills on how to run churches, discipleship skills and how to reach out to their fellow kinsmen in Chemolingot, Natan, Nginyang, Tuwo, Toporerwo, Paka, Naudo, Silale, Tapulen and Riongo areas.

The approximate budget is KES 1.9M. The only way that these people can see the light is through your kind donations for this project.