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  • New York City

    New York City

    Iceland is the perfect destination for a seasoned traveler, a first-time solo traveler, or an adventurous family looking to road trip around the island. With friendly locals, stunning scenery, tons of adventure, and a lively tourism scene, you should experience Iceland at least once in your lifetime. I’ve been back twice now, and every trip…

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  • Bali


    Going to Bali feels like going on a never-ending adventure–there is an activity to suit every soul! Bali is a popular destination for many people around the world and it’s easy to see why. From its unending idyllic beaches, captivating spiritual energy, terraced rice fields, and exotic sunsets, there is so much to see and…

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  • Hawaii


    Ever dreamt of having a tropical hideaway where you can wake up to views of the ocean? Here are the coolest Airbnb in Maui to stay on your next Hawaiian adventure!

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  • The Coolest Airbnb in the United States

    The Coolest Airbnb in the United States

    This post has been updated to include a roundup of my favorite boutique properties and vacation rentals in the United States. Renting an Airbnb is one of my favorite ways to see the country. You can find places nestled in neighborhoods and get a local’s perspective while finding charming abodes with some serious design goals! So, fusing…

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  • Trip You’ll Never Ever Forget

    Trip You’ll Never Ever Forget

    Our vision is to ensure that every person and family has a stable place to live, with their basic human needs met and a hopeful path ahead. Our mission is to end homelessness and relieve hunger through action and advocacy. Top Charity Services is a social advocacy organization committed to ending homelessness and child hunger.

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