Brief Story about MeMA

Medical Missions Africa began in 2008 when a group of Christian Union executive officials from Medical Schools came together after campus with the desire to continue serving the community with their careers. After five months of prayer and seeking God’s direction, the idea solidified and they strongly felt that the medical mission will be the answer to reach out to the communities. During the same period, the very first leadership was formed to strategize on how to reach out to the communities. In the same year, the number of members grew to twenty and they were able to hold their first Medical camp within Nairobi Metropolitan were 755 patients attended to.

Official Registration of the organizations began in 2010 bearing the name:  The East African Mission Society (TEAMS). The TEAMS launch dinner was held on Friday 10th December 2010 at Olive Gardens Hotel Hurling ham, Nairobi. Thereafter, several consultations about a change of the organization’s name were done between the leaders and the Members. Later on, the name Medical Missions Africa (MeMA) was agreed on and the registration for the organization was finalized early in the year, 2011.

Until 2015, MeMA didn’t have a big office space. In 2016, we opened an office in South B. In search of a bigger office in 2019, we shifted our office to UNEPA Building at  Kalimoni Juja.  When Corona struck the nation in 2020, we had no option but to close the office.  later on we  moved  to Cloisters place, in Thogoto in August 2020.

Medical Missions Africa has been reaching out to communities through Medical Camps, mobilization seminars for medical personnel to adopt health-based missions as well as train and send Healthcare workers; through that, we have reached over 100 000 people through medical missions in Kenya and various African Nations. overtime membership has grown to over 200 .  We hope and pray that we will continue growing in membership as we continue impacting lives of people.