Book Reveiw: Dig Deeper by Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach

In this book, the writers said that it’s a matter of interpretation. We have been conditioned to think like that and it’s part of the whole philosophical movement called, ‘postmodernism’, which teaches that when I come to a piece of literature such as the Bible, what matters is not what it means, but what it means for me. And that might be different from what it means for you. And that’s OK.

The author’s argument in dig deeper book is, several tools that will help us to approach, read and interpret the bible correctly, in which the joy of interpreting it correctly is that;  we will be able to hear the voice of the heavenly Father speaking to us, we will learn who God is like from his own lips, we will discover the wonderful truth of salvation and how to be sure of heaven, find out the things that are on God’s heart what really matters to him about this world and his will for your life. Knowing the truth from the Bible changes you.

I like the way it has been divided into different tools and the language used is easy to understand. In chapter one I was able to understand that reading the bible is like picking up the phone and discovering your creator on the other end of the line, God is speaking as we read the Bible. Do you agree?

I found all tools helpful to the reader of the bible like; the author’s purpose tool which helps us to know the aim why that specific passage was written, the context tool which helps to ask how any part of scripture fits with what comes before and after, the linking word tool that is words like if, since, consequently, for this reason, therefore and because helps to link the passage. So, you have to read what comes before and after that passage, thus helping you get the meaning of the scripture. The structure tool helps us to consider a whole passage instead of an isolated verse, while the so what tool helps us to get the application of the scripture in our lives by asking questions like what it means for me, for others Christian and unbelievers. The tools mentioned above are among many other tools discussed in the book.

I also learned that after reading and sharing a certain passage of the Bible, we should pray in light of the wonderful truth we have learned from the scripture, and also give thanks in light of the passage. I found the book helpful in understanding how to read and interpret Bible well.  So, I recommend it to other Christian for it will challenge them not to misinterpret Bible, but help them to approach God’s words with the carefulness and seriousness that it deserves.

It also challenged me on the way is used to apply the word.  The book helped me understand that one of the best ways to think of an application of a passage is to ask questions such as; do I need to change something? is there some aspect of my behavior that must change? Is it something new that I should be doing? How does it tell me to think? So, for this, I highly recommend it to other Christians to read to be helped as I was. “Biblical view leads to biblical behavior”.

Book review by one of MeMA Staff Everlyne Muoki

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