In the dimly lit room,

I could hardly see myself,
The ground so uneven,
I almost stumbled headfirst,
But gently I moved,
We had to get closer,
Or else she would die.


My colleague followed,
And we finally got there,
She lay on the mattress free bed,
So slender my heart ached,
She noticed we were new,
And glanced at us with expectation,
I said hello,
And proceeded with an assurance she would be well,
And her eyes welled with tears,
When she heard we would treat her.

As we tried all we could,
I figured she needed more,
Not just tablets,
But the Healer of all ages,
I would be gone the next day,
But if she got Christ,
She would live forevermore.

It bothers some people the desperate situations marginalized groups in our society go through. That somebody can be dying in a small shack, without a choice.

Are you there and you care?

Does your heart cry out for the poor, the sick?

This is the best family to join.

Here at MeMA, we care, we serve, we preach for we are dedicated to health and Life Through Christ.


Lucy Gichuki has written this poem. Lucy is the former administrator of MeMA

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