It wasn’t my first,
But felt like so,
You know that searing pain,
in a person normal
On a few occasions,
Or maybe just once,
Maybe you don’t!


It wasn’t my first,
maybe the new perspective.

The first was professional,
knowledge to grasp,
Why? When? How? and Whom?
For some had to be avenged,
It wasn’t timely,
they would declare,
But how sure can we get?

That day in the Morgue,
My legs gave way,
my head ached,
The smell unbearable,
It wasn’t my first time,
But vividly the two phases,
the face of death.

Just so you know,
Dead men are ugly,
they stink, blacken, rot,
peel, STOP!!!!! you will say
The sad reality,
you and I will leave,
It is untimely always,
what will you have,
when death overtakes?

This Poem from Lucy Mwai just the sad reality of life. But what then is thereafter?

At MeMA we preach Christ the saviour and Hope for the world. He gives hope for life after this one if we accept him as saviour and Lord. He is the reason we preach.

Lucy Gichuki has written this poem. Lucy is the former administrator of MeMA

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