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The Four Pillars of Effective Missions

For the church to conduct effective missions at least the following must be in place:


We recognize and acknowledge that it’s Christ’s great commission. We get empowerment to witness from God through His Spirit. We therefore need the church first to be on their knees for workers, for provision and favour.


We must have people who remain in homeland to send the missionaries.People who work hard to provide for the missionaries in the field.Not all of us are to go. Many I would dare say are to be working amongst unbelievers and being the light in homeland.


God calls some to be frontiers in mission fields. To labour through God’s grace to preach Christ and Him crucified to the nations


There are people in foreign land who are tasked by God with the duty of welcoming the missionaries. Providing hospitality. Teaching them their culture.

May I ask you to prayerfully consider which of these roles He is calling or has called you into. God has equipped each one of us to play at least one of the above roles.

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