20Bob Campaign_For 20days

I love what we do in MeMA. I think the missions are not only fulfilling our mandate to reach out to the ‘least of these’ but they also meet a real need for medical care and give hope.

I can’t even begin to understand the spiritual work that goes on behind the scenes as we do our activities. I believe peoples lives and destinies are changed just because we showed up.

We bring the kingdom of God to every camp and we build altars of praise for our God as we do the camps. I know it sounds spooky but that is how I see us. We don’t just bring medicine, we bring with us angels that whisper hope to people.

Its not easy doing this work. But the joy after a mission makes it worth all the trouble.

But we really need your support in whichever way you can.

You can make a simple committment to pray with us every Tuesday, or attend camps, or give your time to help plan or give us money to do it.

20bob a day for 20days can change the future of a region. What can you do? Everyone of us can do something. Allow yourself to be an instrument of hope, faith and love.

Are you willing to shape the eternity of someone else? Join this campaign..

20 b0b campaign


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