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My Experience in South Sudan..

Evance Onyango, a Clinical Officer  shares his Mission experience.

He recounts,” We arrived in Tonj safely even though our journey was very tiresome since it was my first time flight. The people here welcomed me warmly ,nicely and with a touch of friendliness. This was not like the stories we hear from friends, Media or maybe bad reception happens in other regions of South Sudan.

Yes weather here is like coastal lake side but its pretty hotter than in Kenya, sometimes its fair when it rains. I was happy to see some of them had farms for cultivation but not big enough to support the community. The truth is every place affected by war has problems. Those who suffer a lot here are the children, especially through diseases, malnutrition and hunger leave alone the education problem.          

Most places had friendly ,God fearing and accommodative welcome. Here they embrace the word of God and a non christian will tell you the truth that she/him doesn’t go to church unlike Kenya where someone can boldly say they go to church and yet they even don’t know how a church looks like.

Within the facility ( ) I enjoyed every morning devotions, attending church services every Sundays.

For the health facility, I was expecting to find a bigger facility well equipped with everything but it was a smaller developing facility. It however had all the basic medicines that enabled us to provide effective care to the needy patients. Another challenge is that patients lack good health education. Some of them still believe in witch doctors which also contributes to high mortality rate, ” he concluded.

OH, I forgot,”What I hated most here was the mosquito bites!” He exclaimed.

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