Daily Post: Pray Together

page47_picture0_slide_54ef9ead045cb ‘Prayer prepares us to receive answers. When we pray, we are brought to a spiritual level where we can receive answers to our prayers. A mass conversion of souls to a dead and worldly church is worse than if they had never heard the gospel. God touches and changes our hearts as we passionately pray for the harvest. We are prepared to love them and make sacrifices. Our coldness and indifference are turned into passion and enthusiasm for the lost. This creates a warm and loving spiritual atmosphere where these spiritual children can grow and flourish.

Daily Post: Missionary Plea

mission-support“Can’t you do just a little bit more?” — J.G. Morrison pleading with Nazarenes in the 1930’s Great Depression to support their missionaries.

Lets not tire giving to MeMa. Your support moves us many milestones.

Daily Post; Here and Everywhere

miss“God is a God of missions. He wills missions. He commands missions. He demands missions. He made missions possible through His Son. He made missions actual in sending the Holy Spirit.” — George W. Peters

It’s The Most Exciting Time Of The Year!

happy holidays 2018 dec memaShare love, resources, time etc etc this festive season.

Daily Post: Strengthened To Do Exploits For God

knowing God

An exploit is: “”A heroic deed of achievement””; a great and daring feat. The Bible is full of illustrations of men and women who did exploits for God. Think of Gideon and his 300 (Judges 7:19-23); Samson (Judges 14:5-6); Elijah on Carmel (1 Kings 18:36-39); and see God’’s picture gallery of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. Think also of the apostles and the early Christians who hazarded their lives for the name of the Lord (Acts 15:26), and turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6)! If we really know God and are thereby made strong in Him, we also shall do exploits, and we shall do them in two ways:

  1. By prayer. We shall find ourselves walking in the footsteps of men like George Muller and Hudson Taylor, who by prayer alone “”moved the arm that rules the world””.
  2. By Witnessing. We shall find ourselves walking in the footsteps of the early Christians, whose hearts were so full of the love of Christ that their lips were constantly filled with the message of the gospel as they went from place to place witnessing to the power and grace of God.

Daily Post: He Can Do It


Daily Post: Just a word of warning.




“Just a word of warning. Passionate prayers not only change the world, they have a way of transforming the people who pray….God’s goal is to recruit every one of us for His search and rescue team.” —Debbie Meroff

It’s Great Fun


Who doesn’t love adventure. Join us as we do it for Christ who redeemed us from the empty way of life. Serving is a fulfilling way of Life.




Although not a new concept,

Medical missions are gaining great popularity in the developing world. We want to unite with you to make it a better place for all human kind who are far from the reach of our corrupt societies.

MeMa dedicated to health and life through Christ.




We look forward to a spirit and breakthough filled 2019 as we minister God’s word. Great Things are about to hapen

“with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26″).”