Over the years, we have had several commitments to long term service in various parts of Africa, Kenya by medical professionals. Some are still in the field.

SARAH MUTHOKA Was a tent maker and MeMA Missionary in Somalia from 2011.

SHARON ALUVISIA -Clinical Officer Was recruited by MeMA and served with MANGO AND AGC missions in Tong South Sudan for about 6 months  then returned 2 years but no longer there due to family committments.

EMMANUEL BARAZA Between 2012-2014, he served as a full time missionary in South Sudan with AGC Missions and MeMA. From 2014 to now, he has been a tent maker still in South Sudan with CARE International.

LUCY K. WACHIRA-Nurse Went to visit East Pokot in September 2014. October the same year she became full MeMA missionary there. Great things have happened in East Pokot since then. She is still serving the community there.

SIMON KIRUI Served as a missionary in Tong South Sudan with the IDAT MINISTRIES of New zealand (IN DEED AND TRUTH MINISTRIES) in 2015 until now.

EVANS ONYANGO Currently serving as a missionary in South Sudan from 2016. He is a Clinical Officer.


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