Have you ever felt like your endeavors for mission are too small? Insignificant and unnoticeable? Think about this: Increasingly large areas of the world are no longer accessible to the traditional missionary approaches of the past. By the year 1900, one third of humanity were Christians, and one half were aware of Christianity and had become influenced by it. A century later, the total percentage of the world’s population identified as Christian has actually declined-33.7%(1970); 33.2%(1975); 32.3 (2000). This is tragic when you think of the close to 7 billion people roaming this world. Isn’t it time we did something about it however small?


As a full member (covenant partner) where they participate in medical
missions,finance raising, prayers and the AGMs. To give a one time
As a volunteer to serve as a missionary or staff supported by the MeMA.
As a project specific partner— this category is best suited for 
institutional and strategic partners who can choose to partner with us
in the areas of interest by providing finances, equipment, drugs, 
missionaries,training or technical support or Venue logistics for 
holding a Medical Camp in their facility

                   STYLES OF PARTICIPATION 
Short term style

Visiting worker or clinician Volunteer in short term missions, Financial support commitment, Partner in a ministry Church based One off experience
Long term style 

Strong and clear calling, Support Training Research on people groups to serve, Sending organization/church, Tent making, Business as mission. 

Other styles

Mentorship, Hosting Medicare for those serving, Institutional partnerships/ CSR, Material donations mobilization, Training Education, Public health and advocacy, Church leadership (Mission Committee)

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