Daily Post: The New Way To Give

KENYA HEALTHCARE EXPENDITURE PER HOUSEHOLD ESTIMATES (2003-2013) • Outpatient services: Over the 10-year period between the first and third surveys, out-of pocket spending declined in nominal terms, from KShs 61.5 […]

Daily Post : Christ the Hope of Nations

We live in a fallen world where there are calamities, cancers, wars and every manner of evil. It is possible  to  get discouraged  by all the evils in the world. […]

Daily Post : The Two Wonderful Things That Happened…

Two wonderful things  that happened this last  two months. We moved into our own office. And we received your gifts of Cash and numerous gifts in kind.  Thanks for your support […]

Daily Post: U Turn

  A u turn is a 180 -degree turn by a vehicle so that its now going on the opposite direction. That’s how we repent. We have a change of […]

Daily Post: Re-energized!

God has a way of  giving fresh vitality to us after certain seasons. Jesus is known to have gone to retreats with God then came back with energy and zeal […]

Daily Post: First Things First

God  is not anti- pleasure. We are  His delight. He’s not  against  us doing business,  pursuing  marriage or building  homes . But we must prioritise. His Kingdom  comes first. We […]

Daily Post: God’s will ?

If we have been redeemed from this evil days we want to know God’s will for our lives. We want details, dates and places. It may be some work to […]

Daily Post: No Wasted Prayer

God doesn’t waste our prayers. They are a sweet smelling aroma for Him. Let us be encouraged to continue praying for our loved ones, our enemies and our country. Share […]

Daily Post: Saved from Wrath!

Halleluyah! We can go to each day knowing that Jesus has delivered us from His wrath. For God has not destined us to wrath but to salvation(1 Thess 5:9). Wrath […]