MeMA is a non-profit organization comprising medics and other professionals committed to support health care to the underprivileged, marginalized and under-served people groups in Kenya and beyond through free medical service, capacity development and missionary support.

Our Mission

To make Christ known
in the world through medical missions, church leadership training and missionary support.
(MATTHEW 4:23-25, 28:18-20)

Our Vision

To be:
Christian professionals,
making Christ known
in Africa
and beyond.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Sacrificial giving and Sacrificial service
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Bible based living and Service

Celebrating a decade since inception: 10 Years Strong

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Our Projects

MeMA was started in 2008
to provide accessible, free and quality healthcare.

1. Medical Outreaches

We promote health as a right, participate in policy formulation and ensure accessibility of health services by underprivileged, marginalized and underserved people groups by provision of volunteer, accessible, free medical service and quality healthcare.

2. Longterm Missionary Sending

We provide volunteer medical missionaries in marginalized areas all over the globe in upcoming health dispensaries or participate in establishing one in liaison with governments and other like-minded organizations/individuals. We also support short term and long term missionaries financially, in training, emotionally and in prayer.

3. Capacity Development via Mobilization Seminars and Leadership Training

We mobilize professionals and institutions for Christ centered ministry through open days and conferences such as in bible schools and medical schools.We network and partner with mission agencies to establish, identify, recruit, train and send missionaries to hardship areas where no one wants to go. We also conduct leadership training for church & Community leaders. This promotes professional excellence guided by Christ’s love and compassion to all,and instill biblical principles of healthcare within the church and community.

4. Technical Programs

Starting a Dispensary? Refurbishing a Facility? Reviewing Facility Progress? We are the right partners. Meet health professionals with years of experience in health care especially in hardship areas setting up health centers that are now firm and operational. For a successful organization, the management must be kept abreast with relevant skills, knowledge to identify opportunities and beware of threats. We are experts in management training, workshops and seminars.

Our Team

Meet the team behind this great force of ensuring universal healthcare, promoting capacity development of community and church leaders and sending healthcare workers in hardship areas where no one wants to go.

Dr Godwin Mugo

Chairman of the Board

Dr.Jeff Mailu

Executive Director

Abel Nyongesa


Ann Mbugua

Board Member

We achieve because you are with us; Asante!

What are the styles of partnering with us?

01. Short term style
Short engagements, for example:

  1. Volunteering as a visiting medical or non medical professional in a free medical camp.
  2. Giving one off financial gift as an individual or Organization.
  3. Supporting with in kind donations such as office furniture, Drug supplies, Food supplies etc. towards specific projects.

02. Long term style 

  1. Joining in as a missionary or tent maker for a specified period or lifetime.
  2. Becoming a trainer (Medical Mobilization Trainer or Management and Technical Support for Health Facility Trainer).
  3. As a financial partner.

03. Other styles 

  1. Hosting Medical volunteers.
  2. Being an Institutional partner through CSR and/or grants.